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What is the AYCLA?

All You Can Inc. is known for its innovative & award-winning programming. For over a decade, we have provided basic needs and educational resources to families in the central Pennsylvania region. We partnered with the Steelton / Highspire school district three years ago to create a ground-breaking after-school program. One that can challenge students to blossom into their best while maintaining accountability. A program that can teach life skills and offer social and emotional support when needed. Thus, The All You Can Leadership Academy was born! 

The program provides a safe space for students to be themselves artistically and literally. We usually start with a sign-in and snack for the first fifteen minutes of the program. Then, we move to creative expressions, where the students write in their journals on various topics ranging from personal experiences to current events. Next, we usually work on evidence-based lessons geared toward self-improvement, except for days when a guest speaker is visiting. Some of the guest speakers to visit the program have been but not limited to former Seattle Seahawks Garry Gilliam and Jordan Hill, Magisterial Judge Hanif Johnson, Harlem Globetrotters Coach Chris "Handles Franklin," Multi-Platinum record producer Dennis "Aganee" Jenkins, Steelton Borough Mayor Ciara Dent, Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick III, PA State Rep Dave Madsen, The Fish & Boat Commission and many more. These guest speakers talk with the students about their experiences and what it took to overcome their life challenges. After some great Q&A, we say farewell to our guests and prepare for meal time.

We understand the importance of healthy and nutritional options. That is why we partnered with the Central PA Food Bank and Hershey Cocoa Packs to ensure we meet the standard each time. Supplemental to the students' hot meal, every Thursday, they take home Cocoa packs loaded with goodies to sustain them through the weekend. New to the 23-24 year program are our certification classes that dive into the world of the trades and other diverse career opportunities. This year, the AYCLA students have taken courses in Credit 101, Fishing 101, Fly Fishing 101, CPR/AED, and, more recently, The Jr Window Installation program. All You Can Inc. has partnered with Renewal by Andersen of Central PA for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. For eight weeks, the after-school program went to the Renewal warehouse in Harrisburg, PA, to learn all the trade secrets of window installation. The class learned the carpentry of building, insulating, and drywalling a wall. Also, they learned how to J-channel the exterior of a house, run siding, and properly install and trim a window. This included the operation and handling of all the tools required for the job. After the eight weeks were completed and a finished product was produced, the Renewal by Andersen team of central PA had a fantastic Graduation ceremony for the class in the Mechanicsburg store showroom. Not only did they receive their certificates as junior window installers, but their wall will remain on the showcase floor to be viewed by the masses as they visit the store. What an honor and recognition. Through this connection, we can send certified students to shadow actual techs and create a school-to-career pathway.

After School

The Leadership Academy can provide a safe space for students, after school hours. During the program hours, students will participate in mental health improvement lessons, physical education, vocational training, field trips & more. Every session also includes a snack and a hot meal before dismissal. Transportation is available for students that live outside the walking radius. If a metric driven, culturally competent program is what your looking for, then look no more.

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Jared Enos, learning the basics of plumbing during a Leadership Academy session.


Daytime / Classroom

The Leadership Academy is our educational initiative through All You Can Inc. The All You Can Leadership Academy, is a behavior modification tool that provides emotional support and positive reinforcement to students that need it the most. This can be executed as an after school program, or daytime prevention session. Our focus is to groom a culture of thinkers while teaching leadership & life skills that will last a lifetime. We achieve this through evidence based curriculum, vocational and career development and our guest speaker series.


We understand that not every student has their heart set for college. Although we support a higher form of education, we also support those young men and women looking to go right into the field of their choice. At the Leadership Academy, we provide many certification programs that students can use in real life. The Objective is to introduce the students to as many possibilities as we can, and hopefully we spark the inner Contractor, Business owner, or Public servant buried deep down in them. Some of the current certifications held by our students are: CPR/AED, Gun Safety, Bleed out Prevention, Jr Window Installer, Fisherman 101, Credit 101.

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Field Trips

From Hershey Park to Laser Tag, there's never a dull moment at the All You Can Leadership Academy. Every meal, trip, program and certification is at no cost to the family.

Guest Speaker Series

The All You Can Leadership Academy puts professionals from every field in front of the students. This is a more intimate, personalized conversation that the students Govern and control. They have the opportunity to get their questions answered and perhaps make connections in a field they really love. Some of the Guest speakers that stopped by are: Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick III, Harlem Globetrotters Chris Franklin, NFL Super bowl Winner Jordan Hill, NFL Superbowl winner Garry Gilliam, Platinum Music producer AGANEE, Steelton Borough Mayor Ciara Dent, Fish & Boat Commission, and many more! 

The Leadership Academy & Harrisburg City Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams


The Leadership Academy providing hot meals for Thanksgiving.

Community Service

Being apart of such a magnificent program, does come with obligations. As a student in the program, you are required to demonstrate Leadership qualities in everyday life. Its more than a class, it's a culture, a way of life. Students of the AYCLA are required to do community service every year, also. Giving back and understanding the joy you can provide by showing a little effort speaks volumes. Our students do it all from feeding the community to Giving out gifts on Christmas. The AYCLA students understand the meaning of hard work and commitment. 

The AYCLA Gallery

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